Monthly Archives: April 2008

XBox Finally making some real money

Its a shame that in this cut throat world of bottom lines and margins, Microsoft had to sell it flagship console at a loss and hope to make money in volmes. Well, the results are out and MS’s entertainment division has actually turned up a tidy profit this quarter too, and that last quarter’s profit […]

8GB iPhone and iPod Touch reach end-of-life

Atleast in the UK. Engadget is reporting, on the basis of a leaked O2 memo that the company has managed to empty its inventory and is not going to replenish the stock as it has reached it’s end of life. The recent price cuts in the UK have no doubt a part to play in […]

Build your own Laptop

There are plenty of articles around the web for assembling your own desktop PC, but ComputerShopper has produced what, IMO, is the first guide to assembling your own laptop. If you desire to make your own lap burner, head over to computershopper and make all your (wet) dreams true.

Day 9: Leh city

We had initially kept this day as a free day to recuperate from the journey till now. None of us wanted to mount the bikes and were all in the mood to actually walk and explore Leh. But, of course, laziness took over and apart from the walk till German bakery for breakfast in the […]

The iPhone: A ‘humbling’ experience

The iPhone is beautiful. There are no two ways to describe it. I’ve never ever used a mobile phone as easy on the eyes as this phone and I’m loving it, absolutely. But, as I use the iPhone more and more I’m starting to miss the various ‘features’ of a phone which I’d been used […]

The Apple iPhone

Yes, I’ve finally bought the Iphone . Just couldn’t resist ! And the first question I have is, why couldn’t Nokia or any other big mobile company think of this device before Apple brought it to the market. There is nothing terribly difficult about making a mobile phone, I’m sure, atleast nothing that the other […]

IBM testing Macs internally for employees

RoughlyDrafted got hold of a document which mentions that the BigBlue is running an internal pilot project for letting their employees use macs instead of Windows/Thinkpads. Ofcourse, its a lot easier now since IBM doesn’t officially make thinkpads anymore. Apparently the results of their survey are quite interesting and even though a lot of the […]

Best in class Open Source Software

I’m collecting a list of open source software which are actually the best in their class. Please feelfree to comment and correct me or add to the list. I’ll keep adding to the list as and when I can think of more software. 1. Browsers: Firefox 2. WebServer: Apache 3. SMTP Server: qmail 4. Proxy […]

iBook G4 review

This is a “repost’ of a post I wrote on one of my other blogs a long time back. Republished here since it goes with the theme of this blog and hopefully someone somewhere will find it relevant even today. Its been about two weeks since I got my iBook G4 and I must say, […]

Day 8: Tang Tse to Leh

The accomodation that we stayed in at Tang Tse was easily the most luxurious we’d stayed in ever since the trip started. That showed since none of us wanted to leave our cosy beds in the morning. The guest rooms were next to a small stream and overlooking a garden with ducks and rabbits for […]