A Pillion’s Leh Travelogue: Day Si6 ‘Leh to Delhi Airport’


We saw all that we could in two days, shopped, ate and had a festive time. And now it was time to say goodbye. We were flying off from the Leh Airport to Delhi and the weather conditions were good, so unfortunately we didn’t have an excuse to extend our trip.


If you are flying in or out, make sure to book yourself a window seat since the view of the snow-capped Zanskar & Karakoram ranges from the aircraft with the dawn breaking is simply amazing! The mountains turn from deep blue to golden in a span of half an hour.

A trip like this traverses one of the highest road passes in the world and is surrounded by wild rugged mountains. The scenery is fantastic, though it is definitely not for the faint hearted. I’m glad I did it in this lifetime.


I might not have an opportunity to ride to Leh again, but I am gonna be telling the tales of my trip of ‘The Road to Heaven’ for a long-long time.

Hope you enjoy your trip, as a rider or a pillion, whenever you can. Do leave your comments and add to the Pillion’s chronicles of the Road Trip to Leh.


(c) Photographs by Ritika Sabharwal and Sharninder Khera

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