Naturals Ice-cream – in Delhi – from Kolkatta


“Chocolate, Butterscotch or Cassata Sir” the  guy asked as we stopped our car next to his ice-cream truck at India Gate. Those were some great times and we still manage to that once in a while. But I am so glad that there is much more to offer in the Ice-cream space.

I love that we have started experimenting with the flavors, and so the creators are also thinking out-of-the-box. Yesterday, we walked into an ice-cream parlor that served Masala Chai, Wasabi, Paan and fresh fruit like Tender Coconut and Orange Basil. We were pleasantly surprised both at the variety and quality.

Pabrai’s Naturelle has recently opened a shop in C.P next to the famous Kake-da-hotel. Originally from Calcutta, they have an impressive client list & are inventors of Pabrai’s Nalen Gur Ice-cream. We got chatting with the owner, who said people like the Paan, Chandan and fruit flavors. Cocolate Hazzelnut and Mango remains the top seller. Wasabi was liked more by the foreigners and was supplied to hotels mainly. I tried the Masala chai, which tasted exactly like a spicy chai. Didn’t really have a taste for the gur but really enjoyed the little bits in tender coconut & paan.

If you like the Natural Ice-cream from Pune & Mumbai , you are sure to like this one too. Go, give it a try!!

I’m so glad that other than the regular Amul, Cream-bell, Kwality Walls and so on – We now have Giani’s, Baskin Robbins & a couple of Gelato joints scattered across the city. Even Mother Dairy Cookie Crumb,  Tener Cocnut & Bluberry Bliss are top notch.


We may never really reach the Tomato and Tofu flavored ice cream popular in Tokyo, but a little bit of experimenting is always good. So the next time you are asked what ice-cream would you like – Dare to think beyond Hot Chocolate Fudge.
Do let us know what’s your favorite unusual ice cream flavor and where can we try it?