Shopping Destination : Firozabad, UP, India

A couple of years back, I saw these Turkish lamps at the India International Trade Fair and was fascinated by their colorful mosaic almost stain-glass beauty. I was in two minds to buy them as they were on the expensive side, and finally let go of them.


Years later I chanced upon a similar lamp at a small wholesale shop on NH2 at Firozabad. This Uttar Pradesh town is know for glass bangles and is now crafting intricate glass lamps that dazzle in homes in countries like Kuwait, Spain, Dubai, Australia, France, and the US.


I was surprised to know that almost 70 percent of the country’s small-scale glass production is concentrated in this district of Uttar Pradesh. This town is know for the unique skill that involves recycling rejected and damaged glass articles and making beautiful glass bangles. Today, the glass-industry of Firozabad has evolved so greatly that it’s difficult to keep track of the number different things that are produced here.

Although the shops don’t serve as a retail market for its glassware like lamps per se, Firozabad nevertheless makes for a great shopping destination because one can pick up exquisite items at a fraction of the cost that they will be sold at once they hit the store shelves in the cities.

The owner of the shop, where we got our lamps said that, they have so many different kinds of artifacts that it is not possible to display everything. Understandably so, in their shops one would therefore find only sample pieces – one of each kind.

I picked up a bunch of things. Of course the lamps, this one has already found its place. I also got some glass bottles meant for perfume, but I will use it to serve olive oil on the table, I also got these colorful jars for something I haven’t decided yet.

Firozabad mozaic turkish lamp

Pro-tip: Check everything. Each glass, each bottle, each lamp or whatever it is you are buying. Everything is handmade and will have little defects, although at the price you are getting them for you may let go of most of them.

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