iterasi helps you archive the web

iterasi is an interesting service. It is something of a cross between and the Internet wayback machine. iterasi lets the user bookmark a web page but instead of saving just the web page’s address, it saves the whole page.

The advantage that iterasi brings for its users is that even if the original website is down, the user can still view the information since iterasi saves the complete web page intact with all formatting.

Another very interesting feature is that you can schedule iterasi to save a copy of a web page at a defined interval. So, you can actually have your very own Internet wayback archive and see how a particular page changes during the course of a couple of days or months.

The company provides plugins for Internet explorer and Firefox on Windows and Firefox on Mac OS X to let you take snapshots of pages easily.

iterasi also lets you share the saved webpages with friends and family using Email, RSS or embed the pages on your blog/website by inserting a small piece of code that iterasi provides.

All in all, iterasi could prove to be a very useful service for some people. I can definitely see myself using it.

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