Shelfari has been acquired by Amazon

Today’s (or rather yesterday’s) big news of the day is that Shelfari, the social network for book addicts, has been acquired by Amazon. Now, I’m not a big fan of Shelfari, but I know a big news when I see one. I have an account at the service and did add a book to my shelf to see how the thing works, but haven’t been on the site for long enough to really use it. But, thats mostly because I’m lazy and I have no friends on the site.

I can, though, definitely understand the significance of Shelfari. I love books myself and love getting recommendations and much more likely to read a book I’ve seen on a friend’s book shelf than at a random store. But, I’m sure a lot of book lovers joining Shelfari had the same problems that I had. We’re just too lazy to list down the books we own, have read or are reading.

Hopefully, being a part of Amazon will help Shelfari solve that problem. Amazon has the users and their data and Shelfari has the social platform. Together, they sure can create magic, and get lazy bums like me on to their side.

I’m really hoping that the site does well.

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