What happened with Windows Vista

Ofcourse, everyone’s heard about the debacle that Windows Vista has been. Enough has been written about the disaster that Windows Vista has been.

So much so that it has almost become fashionable for bloggers all over the Internet to trash Vista left right and center. And some of these people don’t even use Windows Vista.

I agree Vista hasn’t been the best of software that Microsoft has released. But, I also feel that Vista has received flak for being what it is. An operating system ahead of it’s time.

Now, don’t start flaming me for this statement. Try and understand what I mean when I say, “Ahead of it’s time”. I definitely DO NOT think there is anything ground breaking in Vista, though it has it’s moments. What I mean is that Vista was never designed to work on the hardware that it was run on.

The hardware that was being used by the regular PC user 1-1/2 years back was definitely not powerful enough to run windows Vista and it was quite obvious that people hated the experience. That doesn’t mean that the people should have upgraded. Vista definitely should have been faster.

I use Vista on my relatively powerful recent notebook and I think that it runs quite well. Another thing which Vista impresses me with is the stability. Ofcourse, it doesn’t beat Linux in that department yet, and probably never will, but that’s not what people use Windows for 😉 But, people who are still stuck on to XP, will definitely do themselves a favor by actually trying out a modern operating system.

I think the Vista debacle was just a case of marketing gone wrong. Nothing more, Nothing less. Ever since, Microsoft started working on Vista, they had these big advertisements running in the media proclaiming the *new* features that were going to be in the new operating system. Features like WinFS would have been awesome and would have made all the difference, but Microsoft couldn’t deliver on their promises and the Vista project kept getting late and features such as WinFS were removed from the final product.

Before Vista was released I don’t remember a single article about Vista which didn’t end up mentioning the supposed advances that WinFS would have brought to the table. And when such a loved feature is removed from an already delayed project, it is obvious that the product would receive some bad press.

But Vista didn’t receive just bad press. Vista got a hammering and for (almost) no fault of its own.

Had Microsoft released an increment (with added eye candy) to XP at that time and released Vista now, I have no doubt that people would have been happy with it. Let’s hope Microsoft learn something from this and get on with their act for Windows 7 or whatever they end up calling it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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