Mast Kalandar, Koramangala – Bangalore

Like the rest of the chain’s restaurants, this branch’s food is — finger-licking good ! I enjoy the typical Panjabi fare they offer – Rajma-Chawal (70), Kadhi Chawal (70), Sinful Punjabi Panner(90), Paranthas and of course the Lassi.

All things on the menu have been given very imaginative names. Although, they do not serve alcohol or Non-Vegetarian, the place is still highly recommended.

Ambience is nothing great; it looks like a cafe, with basic furniture. But the place really looks neat and tidy and well organized. One has to order and pay at the counter, and the food is delivered at your table.

On our last visit, we ordered Texx Mexx Parantha (90) & Sinful Punjabi Paneer(90). The parathas are served with dal, raita, chutney and pickle. The Sinful Punjabi Paneer was just like mom makes it- delicious!

In all if you want to have food which is homely, low in calorie and at the same time tasty Mast Kalandar is the place. Be warned; go there in time because there is almost always a waiting of about 15-30 min (esp if there is a cricket match on).

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  1. Should have asked me 🙂

    There is a branch at Indira-nagar too and all branches in general have the same food.

    How was your Bangalore trip, btw.

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