Rodeo – Connaught Place, New Delhi

Located in the A block, inner circle of Connaught Place, Rodeo can be classified as an authentic Mexican restaurant, or atleast as authentic a mexican restaurant can be in Punjabi food infested Delhi. With a relaxed, comfy and cozy atmosphere, it is an old favourite with the veterans of Delhi’s pub scene.

The bar has a ’wild west’ theme and though the restaurant just got a make over, it still retains the feel of an old saloon. The waiters in the restaurant are dressed as cowboys and the service is quite average. If you need some head-banging music to go with a beer in your hand, this isn’t the place for you. We have been going there for years & the ambience, quality of food, waiters, music haven’t changed a bit and that is what I like best about it !

With their speciality in Mexican and Italian cuisine, they also serve Draught beer. We ordered the Nachos platter (150-250) which is unquestioningly the best dish there, along with Fajitas for starters. Our main course was the POLLO AL GREQUE, a chicken dish (375) which to our dissatisfaction was very dry. There is a buffet from Monday to Friday at RODEO (C.P.) and Friday to Sunday at RODEO (Gurgaon). The buffet is a great opportunity to get those flavours at a down to earth cost.

Overall, Rodeo is a quaint little place which offers clean good food for those who just like to unwind with a good drink.

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  1. Had a nice drink called Micheladas, in Rodeo the other day.

    Micheladas is basically ice-cold Mexican beer with coarse salt at the rim, with some fresh lime juice & a dash of tabasco mixed in the beer.

  2. Revisited Rodeos today(MGF Mall, Gurgaon)… I had the Non-veg Nachos platter and was very disappointed… not only was it literally ‘No Value for Money’… it was ‘barely there’ in terms of quantity and ‘not even close’ in terms of taste…

    I would NOT recommend this place for the starters… the meal itself wasn’t half bad… I ordered a dish called Chicken Eldorado (Rs 225) which was mainly 2 pieces of Chicken breast with veggies, served on a Sizzler plate with fries/baked potato. This was pretty decent.

    That’s an update!

  3. The deal RODEO is giving with MYDALA claims 90% discount – its a fraud.They are misleading the gullible public. Do any of you read the fine print in a deal? Rs 49/- you pay to get Rs 500/- off from a bill of minimum 1000/- and they call it 90% OFF. it means oif your bil is Rs 1000/- you pay Rs 549/- – that is just about 45% off so higher your bill – your discount percentage decreases.

  4. its not like that dude…what it means is that Mydala is giving you a 90% off on the voucher..
    u must have read the voucher when you purchased it..
    neways i had an awesome experience and it was a value for money deal…

  5. Meha – u need to brush up your arithmetic. Obviously you have not read the fine print.
    you need to spend 1000/- atleast to get the 451/- off ie, pay 49/-+500/- = Rs 549/- You pay 549/- for food etc of Rs 1000/- You work out the percentage. If your total amount is higher than 1000/- – the percentage saved will be even less.

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