The Zoya Factor

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The Zoya Factor is a laugh-out-loud funny novel. People from Delhi especially of Karol Bagh origin (like me) will certainly enjoy how amazingly dilli-types this book is ! Phrases like “My heart was dhak-dhaking”, “dhik-chik dhik-chik music”,”so uncool”, “loathing 98 percent; lust 2 percent” or “ok baba” add to the punjabi tadka & explains the emotions the author is feeling so much better than plain ol’ English.

This, more than anything, is what make this book such a good read.
For instance, the manner in which the author describes the Karol Bagh types
is particularly funny. The following two excerpts from the novel should give you an idea about the dry sarcasm of the main lead, that tickels your senses.

“I obsess a little about being ‘cool’, because, hello, when people ask me where I stay I have to look them in the eye, smile brightly and say ‘Karol Bagh’ with casual unconcern…..

….Because Karol Bagh has a soul.

It may be a loud, expansive, dhik-chik dhik-chik music-loving soul that died and became a soul because its arteries clogged with too much high-cholestrol, ghee-laden Punjabi food, but it’s a soul nonetheless.
Think lousy old Golf Links has Soul ?
Naah !!

The plot reloves around , you guessed it … Zoya … who works in an advertising agency, waiting for her first big shoot with a big bollywood actor … SRK … which she has to leave half way to do a shoot with the Indian Cricket team … one thing leads to another & she becomes the lucky mascot for the team … hence the name, The Zoya Factor.

TZF is full of characters that every Indian can relate to. Zoravar, Eppa, Rinku Chachi, Vishal, Monita even Sanks are all people you all would have met somewhere. It has all the ingredients of a masala Bollywood flick – SRK, Cricket, Cola wars, superstitions, boy-meets-girl, foreign locations…Block Buster !!

The ‘Yang’ of the book is that it’s a bit too long (the second half is a bit of a drag)  and the story is predictable at times. Inspite of this, I quite like the Writing style of the author.

All-in-all The Zoya Factor is a fun read as all chick-lit type books are supposed to be.

Final Word: This Will definitely make a great Bollywood style chick-flick… KJo  are you listening ? 🙂

(About the author – Anuja Chauhan went to school in Meerut, Delhi and Australia. She has worked in advertising for over fourteen years and has created many popular ad campaigns including ‘Nothing Official About it’, ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ and ‘Oye Bubbly’ for brand Pepsi.

She is currently the Executive Creative Director and Vice-President at J. Walter Thompson Advertising.)

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