Shiv Mandir at Gulmarg

A reminder of the excellent time we had at Gulmarg last month.

The red building in the picture is a Shiva temple, probably the only one in the country with a Muslim priest.

This temple has been featured in a number of bollywood movies and the guides around the place will happily fill you in with the names even if you aren’t interested 🙂

Gulmarg is also the venue for the most famous winter festival in India in which hordes of international tourists also participate. Gulmarg is covered with snow during that time and the slopes are fit for skiing and other winter sports. The festival is probably the only time the locals make some decent money and it can be quite hard to find hotel rooms, so if you’re planning to visit around that time, book early.

It is a pity that such a beautiful place has been all but ruined by the ongoing militancy in the valley.

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