Friday Linkfest #1

So, I’ve been reading a lot. Two thousand seven hundred and ninety seven items in the last month, or so Google Reader tell me.

While I’m at it, I decided that I might as well share some stuff with you guys. After all, reading is a good thing, right ?

Here is a round up of some stuff that I’ve been reading from around the web.


Close shave with insurance

Sarcastic and Funny account of a person’s struggle to get a medical checkup done to get an insurance.


Experiencing an Asia beyond China and India

Experience Asia in the Big Apple.

Post-Olympics Beijing To Traffic: “Welcome Back!”

The olympics are over and the traffic and jams are back to this large Asian metropolis.


What would I do if I was Steve Balmer

Interesting thoughts on helping Microsoft get on the SaaS bandwagon.

Yet Another MSI-Wind review

Those netbooks have started to look really interesting. Read on for a 10-week review of the Akoya Mini aka. MSI Wind.

Email is Dead and the Counter-Argument

Ah !! The age old debate. Question to all reading this: Does anyone of you think that Email is dead ?


Terrorism in India – Paying the Price for Long Time Complacency

Well thought out post on the problem of terrorism in India.

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