Friday Linkfest #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Friday Linkfest. A week sure passes by quickly ! This post is to share with you guys some of the cool stuff that we’ve been reading here at NomadicRider. 

Open Source

16 Free tutorials for top open source applications

OStatic’s firefox superguide

Old and evergreen posts from OStatic. Lots of good stuff there.

GNOME 2.24 released 

The latest and greatest release of the Open Source GNOME Desktop. Read the release notes for a glimpse of all the cool stuff the GNOME people have lined up for us.

The browser arms race/

Nice collection of links and thoughts on the (renewed) browser wars.

building a custom Lifestream website with Sweetcron

Build your own lifestreaming website with this awesome Open Source software.

Iron browser – A port of Google Chrome

A port of the Google Chrome browser for the privacy junkies. Iron removes all code which makes Chrome go back to Google with information about you, your machine or browsing habits. The site is in german but the folks at Incomplete News Project have a translation up. So, in short, Iron is Google Chrome without all the snooping and that should please a lot of folks.


The aam sutra

Best geek quotes



London loses worlds most expensive title to Monaco/

Monaco is now officially the world’s most expensive property market. As if we didn’t know that already !

Finally !

London’s best indie bookstores

If you’re in London, make sure to check out these.


Alternatives to apple spaces

The Apple blog lists some really nice alternatives to Mac OS X’s Spaces feature.

Kosmix eschews the needle delivers the haystack

A nice review of the Latest search engine to hit the Internet. This one (like all others) promises to be different. Well, atleast in theory it is.

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