GNOME 2.24 released

The GNOME foundation has released the new version of the GNOME Desktop environment, version 2.24

This release features a lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and new software.

This is also the first release of the GNOME mobile platform which is already a part of the various Linux based mobile device platforms such as Ubuntu Mobile, MoblinMaemo and others.

The GNOME desktop focusses on ease of use, stability, internationalisation and good accessibility support and the new release only goes to prove the commitment of the developers behind this awesome piece of software. 

Version 2.24 includes a new instant messaging client based on the Telepathy Framework. The client called Empathy Instant Manager is clean, fast and simple to use. 

There is also a time tracker application which can be added to the GNOME Panel to make tracking your time easier.

GNOME 2.24 also features the new release of the Ekiga audio/video conferencing client, version 3.0.

All said, this is still an incremental release, fixes a lot of bugs while bringing about some performance improvements. The developers have already started planning for GNOME 3.0 and that is something I’m definitely waiting for.

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