Review of Fashion … and … when will it finish

So … I just finished seeing the movie Fashion and I have only one thing to say to Madhur Bhandarkar … that was one loooonnnggg movie dude ! Oh and I also think it was a very boring movie.

I mean I get the idea of realistic cinema and and all that and I’d probably have been fine if this movie had gotten over in about 1-1/2 hours instead of the 2-1/2 hours it took, but the whole look and concept of Fashion just didn’t work for me.

The movie is about a small town girl who comes to the big city to become a model. Her struggling days, her success, the arrogance and her downfall have all been depicted convincingly. Priyanka’s role is pretty good and her acting commendable, and that is just about the only thing that I liked about the movie.

I just feel that the movie took a long time in getting the message across and that made it slow and almost tortuous. I don’t remember seeing a movie, in the recent past, which I wish would have ended sooner.

Another thing which doesn’t work for me is that Madhur’s movies for some reason look like they’ve all been made on second hand reels which he found while lurking in the back alleys of the entertainment industry.

And no by second hand reels, I don’t mean that the concept is old. Kudos to Madhur for daring to make a film which actually shows the reality of the industry like it is. But, he could have atleast used better lighting ! Or a better camera-man !

Well, I agree that I don’t understand the movie biz very well and how expensive it is to make movies … but I really wish I hadn’t paid so much money to see this movie.

Oh, btw, Madhur … taking a dig at real life and packaging it in a movie is not realistic cinema. Show us something we haven’t seen. I mean we’ve all seen the gay fashion designers and their socialite trophy wives and the drug addict models … ‘Nuff said !

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  1. I agree… & to top this there was nothing about ‘Clothes..Shoes..’
    A great Fashion based movie is ‘Devil wears Prada’!!

  2. Agreed. Painfully long. Madhur’s credentials and the concept took me to the movie, but it was a waste of my time and other resources. The movie for horrible. Fashion should have been more inside the nuances on the industry than the rise and fall of its models. I understand it is interconnected but the concept of a real life movie should be to disclose the unknown.

    What did I learn from the movie?
    – Most men designers are gay.
    – Big bosses can hire and fire at will.
    – The models can have a hard rough time of it.

    Hello! I knew all that already, like most of us.

    What I should have been educated on:
    – How much money do these designers and models make?
    – How do fashion shows convert into actual sales? I mean I have no idea.
    – How do designers make a cut into popluar fashion events ? The real politics behind that would have been exciting.
    – How do designers steal designs? I bet all can’t be original.

    Basically, I would have liked it to be more on the backend of the industry, business side of it, than dragging emotional crap about model’s life. He should have named this movie ‘Indian Models’ or something like that.

    Geez, I just realized I totally hate the movie.

  3. Also adding to ‘What did I learn from the movie?’
    Read the contract before you sign no matter how long it is 🙂

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