You are here – by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

You are here… or… so you think !

What do a couple of college friends do when they are reunited after a long time ? Think about the good old days ? Especially if you are one of the lucky few who have had an entertaining & adventurous Teenage to Twenties. That was the feeling I got while reading ‘you are here’.

It looks like Ms. Compulsive Confessor has had some good times, some not so good, some difficult (which every 20 year old has) decisions to make and has met some interesting people. Except … that is all it is.

Half way through the book I stopped to think “hmm… Where is the story going ?” and then it dawned upon me… there is no story, no plot, no event, no climax, no nothing. Just a peak into the life of Arshi.

And who is Arshi ? She’s twenty five, works in a PR agency in Delh, comes from a broken family, lives with her room-mate who can’t decide if she is Ms-goody-two-shoes or anything-for-love types… who’s boss is a slave driver… has a boyfriend who for bizarre reasons blows hot or cold… Sounds like Bridget Jones (oh! Come on… at least a lil bit) However, the humor is used pretty well, and several passages will have you smiling at the images created, metaphors used, almost like Carrie from SITC.

If you have read/like her blog “The Compulsive Confessor” you may enjoy the book, otherwise it will be a bit of a drab. So pick up the book if you have nothing better to do.

A bit about the Autor: Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan studied English Literature at Lady Shri Ram College at the Delhi University and has been a journalist for many years. She writes the popular blog The Compulsive Confessor where she talks about her experiences as a young, single woman in urban India. You are Here published by Penguin, is her first novel.

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  1. Hmm.. sounds fun! I think there’s this whole new generation of Indian writers that are springing up…writing about this Indian yuppie culture bit. I’m currently reading ‘Almost Single’ by Advaita Kala which has shades of almost everything your review is talking about… add also this angle of being 29, working, single and so ready to mingle. It’s the whole package of yuppie lifestyle…complete with SITC bits of compulsive shopping and an obsession with shoes!

  2. a piece of shit..

    a so called ‘life story’ starts with introduction of arshi (such a dumb girl oblivious of what she wants to do in life..)

    every second page talks abt arshi’s new “fuck-buddy” (as the writer used this term in the book)..her “making out” sessions with them..dragging n boozing…

    Oh comm’on..u just dont kiss or sleep with EVERYONE whom u meet at parties, office or even at ur school..

    ofcourse..the scenes were portrayed really nice..but wherz the content man..???

    i read the whole torturous book just to recover my money…

  3. i have just finished a book “the semi virgin”

    i can speak volumes about it.

    but it is better if you go through it. it will be released most probably in july/

    thank you.
    if you like the work, please pay, pray and tweet for it.

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