Kareem's, East Street – Pune

After successfully running 7 outlets in Mumbai – The well known Kareem’s is now in Pune. Sadly it has replaced another one of our favorite joints – Olympia Kathi Rolls.

Not to fret, though, there is some good news. Kareem’s has retained the Olympia Kathi Roll on its menu and have the same guy cooking them. 

Olympia Kathi Rolls was almost an institution, next to Portrait Studios on East Street. One can not miss the long queue outside the restaurant in the evenings. 

Olympia serves perhaps the best Chicken Kathi Rolls outside of Kolkata. Priced at a about fifty bucks it is value for money. The piping hot paratha enriched with a generous and well cooked soft covering of beaten eggs and filled with substantial pieces of succulent spicy chicken – it tastes heavenly as you dip it in the accompanying pudina chutney and freshly sliced onion rings.

One word of caution for the delhiites: This is not the Kareem’s from Old Delhi but Mumbai so don’t go expecting something you won’t get.  

Like I mentioned, the rolls have been incorporated in the menu, but apart from the rolls the menu has a lot of other stuff too. Recommended are the Kebabs, one can choose from a dozen or so in the menu. We had Murg Kurkuri Potli’ (Rs 119) but a good idea would be to take the non- veg platter (Rs449) to sample the assortment. Also, try the unusual Indian bread on offer like the Taftan (a soft rice flour bread) or Khamiri or kulcha or lachedar Parantha (Rs29/39).



Interesting observation: Almost every price mentioned on the menu ends with a 9, Rs 99, 119, 129 and so on as if the menu belongs to a Bata shoes shop 🙂 Don’t know why … I don’t judge, I only make observations 😉

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  1. Hi-Just tuning in to put in my 2 bit about the newly opened outlet of Kareems at Wanowrie..The service was slow,as in there was only one waiter to take the order for 6 tables..We ordered the Hari mirch ka Kheema,which turned out to be a spiceless somewhat-sweet tasting dish of overly minced meat,as in they probably used the same mince as they do for the kebabs..not tasty at all..I ate this with what must the smallest laccha paratha ever served..The assorted kebab platter,though presented well and a good sized serving,would do better if a complimentary basket of bread is offered along with it.Cant say i really enjoyed the meal at the prices offered,what with the Nalli Burra coming with 3 tiny pieces of meat on the bone,at 200 Rs!Nope,We’ve crossed this place off our lists,thank you very much!

  2. @Reema: Thanks for your comment. We usually ate the rolls at the East Street outlet.

    Sad to hear that the food quality has deteriorated.

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