Review: Ghajini


Revenge is what I want to take for the 3.5 hrs of complete torture I had to go through while watching Ghajini.

For once the problem was not with the script. The idea and the story were good; it had (supposedly) a great cast with Aamir in the lead. The movie had a big budget and two good looking women … So, what went wrong?

Firstly, it was way too long. I mean three & a half hours…

Secondly, I wanna understand – Why those songs were shoved in the middle. Have a music album or background music or something else!!!

Then there was the new comer so to speak (She has done a version of the same movie in the south and dubbed for another version so this was her third attempt at the same thing). Don’t wanna comment about her acting skills, but don’t you thing she moved way too much. I mean can’t a person be normal.

Did I mention the bakwas songs? Well! They are worth mentioning again. The songs standalone are good no doubt. AR Rehman is still awesome. It is just that they were not required & made the movie extra long. Aamir’s six-pack … Oh Sorry! eight-pack did not need so much airtime. “We get it Aamir you worked your assoff to beat SRK, but we really don’t care”. The songs were just a ‘look-at-me-I-am –aamir-the- muscle-uncle’ the girls just came & went with a blink of an eye.

Lastly, I have to mention Jia Khan’s Wanna-be-Dr-activist-confused-idiot Item number at college annual day. So-out-a-place.

Ghajini movie is a must watch for an Aamir Khan Fan cause he’s all you’ll get to see.

Let me end by saying that this movie is nothing like the movie “Memento”. Do watch Momento so that at least you enjoy the genius behind the real script/movie.

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  1. Oh! i liked the in one time…not GOOD and not BAD also a decent movie.. and by the way nothing went wrong with it..i think it did brisk business 🙂

  2. I didnt really like the movie. There were too many holes in the plot and it wasnt very well put together.

    I usually like aamir khans movies but this was really not up to his standard

  3. @ Abhilash: I agree … like for instance … Why didn’t the girl know who Aamir was… didn’t she read the papers (he was giving interviews) or couldn’t she just Google search … “CEO Airco..whaterver”

  4. @Abhilash: He couldn’t use google … cause he forgot …

    He used windows you see and that took more than 15 mins to boot 🙂

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