Why Sing is King?

Uniquely Singapore has some seriously exceptional stuff. Actually, it’s unique because one doesn’t expect such things in such a small area. One has to bear in mind that Singapore is an island country half the size of Delhi. The law & order is amazing, so-much-so that you’ll find T-Shirts mocking it by saying ‘Singapore is a FINE city’.
Here is a list of what I think you might not have known about Singapore … in no particular order…

  • It’s a multi-racial country with the main races consisting of 77% Chinese, 14% Malays and 8% Indians and 1% Eurasians. With 10 official religions in Singapore and 4 official languages are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.
  • In the late 13th Century, a prince by the name of Sang Nila Utama from Palembang came hunting in Singapore and he saw a lion, hence, naming the place, Singapura. Singapura is a Malay word and “singa” means lion and “pura” means city. Thus, the name Singapura (Lion City) or in English, Singapore
  • Nearly 10 percent of its 3.2 million people are in the military – 50,000 as full-time professionals and 250,000 on standby.
  • There is an official Singapore website for almost everything.
  • Singapore is refreshingly different from other countries for a Study-Abroad-Experience. In terms of cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class education system and dynamic cosmopolitan vibe thanks to a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.
  • Changi Airport is recognized as one of the best airports in the world. With 80 airlines serving more than 180 cities in over 50 countries, it has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. The airport is more than just a place to catch your plane. This huge airport also features a movie theatre, TV lounges, and several gardens and restaurants where you chill out while waiting for your flight to be called. There are also tones of shopping possibilities.
  • It boasts of a full fledged Amusement Park, Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park & a Rain Forest.
  • The Singapore Flyer, the world’s tallest observation wheel. The wheel, at 492ft in diameter, beats the London Eye by more than 40ft. From the top, 541ft up, you feel you are looking down from halfway up a mountain, with fine views out over Marina Bay and across to Malaysia. www.singaporeflyer.com
  • The Singapore Grand Prix, staged for the first time in September through the city’s streets, is quite unlike any other – it’s run at night. The 3.1-mile circuit is flooded with powerful lighting to replicate daylight. And this is no urban dawdle – the cars race flat-out (at 200mph) along Raffles Boulevard and make an impressive zip across the century-old Anderson Bridge. www.f1singapore.com
  • Mustafa is a 24-hour six-storey shopping centre stocks everything from Indian chutney and diamonds to plasma TVs and cars. That’s not all, it is claimed prices are cheaper than elsewhere, so insomniacs, shopaholics and jet-lagged tourists know where to head to if they’re looking for a late-night bargain.

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