Shopping in Bangkok – 2

Sharninder: This is the second part of the writeup written by my wife on our Bangkok trip. The first part is here. Look around for more Bangkok articles here.


Now let me come to the first reason of my love for BKK. The shoes. They do have the best variety, the styles, the colours & the PRICES. I could have bought more but I was forced to stop at about a dozen. Other than the shoes there is lots’n’lots of stuff one can buy. Here is my selection of shopping areas –

SIAM Centre/ Paragon/ Discovery/ Central World – these malls are conveniently located next to each other as soon as you get off at from the BTS at SIAM Square (obviously :)). Well, they have ever thing a normal mall has but at a much larger scale. All the designer labels, all the cool gadget stores, the big-big food courts, specialty store (The loft was excellent), multiplex and Ocean World.

If you are going there, make sure you wear good comfy shoes cause trust me they are big. Central World is officially the largest mall in Southeast Asia. The best thing about them was the A/C. The malls were not too crowded (or they were so big that they didn’t seem so crowded). The Siam Paragon has the best Auto Showroom of imported sports and luxury cars on the 3-4th floor of a building, that I’ve ever seen. But my pick of the best thing in Siam Paragon will be the ‘The Gourmet Market’. It is an 8,000 square meter grocery store on the lower level of the shopping center, I just felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Rising an impressive 88 storey high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favorite pursuits: Shopping!

Connected to the Baiyoke Market is the Chandini-Chowk (for those familiar with Delhi) of Thailand – Pratunum. It’s just as noisy, as mind-boggling & space crunched. All in all it’s Beautiful. It’s a huge wholesale market with every possible garment/ accessory one would need. Pratunum Lanes bisect each other at random, and all look the same with clothes hanging from every available space. If you become disoriented, don’t worry; continue walking and eventually you will walk out of the market.

JJ Market or Chatuchak is an adventure, and like all adventures, takes a bit of hard work. It is supposedly as big has 8 football fields put together. It’s a maze of lanes and by lanes & no matter how many maps one refers to one will get lost sometime or the other. The good part of that is you tend to stumble across unusual items like, Colourful glass figures, paintings, rugs, Bob Marley fans baskets, puppets and masks, stamps, coins, Pets, Dog clothing, old advertising signs, 1950s telephones and much more. There are many courier companies who have counters to ship your purchases home safely. They have thought of everthing.

The last but definitely not the least – MBK. This is the other shopping heaven, mercifully with air-conditioning! 8 floors worth of shopping trail (including a cinema), each floor decked to the full with items needed and unneeded for you. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something – That’s what I believed. Interspaced in between every small and big boutiques and stalls on every floor. There is also a big Tokyo Departmental Store, you will get restaurants & eateries squeezed in for sustenance, and if you feel economical as you are fast running out of money after a hard day of spending money, there are 2 food courts: one on the 5th floor (which I truly enjoyed) and one on the 6th. There is one floor dedicated to electronics & one for gold so you can imagine the level of contrast in this place.

One thing I’ll always remember about BKK… the Tuk-Tuk drivers and the “good for youuuuu & good for meeeeee” …20 baht rides. :)!! You have got to experience this one.

All in all BKK is one place I’d love to go for shopping… anytime. The trip was totally worth the years and years of Cribbing. And the tantrums throwing for the next trip have already started.

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