3 days in Singapore (Day 2)

Day two was blocked for the Jurong Bird Park. Even if you aren’t a bird lover, this place is a treat to visit. There are more than 9000 birds here (of over 600 species), in a variety of themed exhibits.

Highlights include a special climate-controlled home for five species of penguins; the world’s first underwater viewing station where visitors can see the watery activities of all seven species of pelicans; the world’s largest walk-in aviary with man-made waterfall and 1500 free-flying African and South American birds; 500 parrots from 110 species; and colorful birds of paradise. You can also feed the birds, watch bird shows, and checkout the sky train (As you can see that I read the sign boards very diligently :).

My favorites were the Eagles, Pelican Cove, Talking birds and the Penguin Expedition.


To reach the Jurong Bird Park, we took the MRT from the Outram park station to the Boon Lay station, which is the last station on the Green line. Just outside the Boon Lay station is the local bus depot from where we took bus number 194, which dropped us right at the gate of the Jurong bird park.

The park is quite some distance away from the city center in the midddle of the industrial zone. Crossing a bus terminal on to a four lane highway, with the smell of coco from the Cadbury factory, with in 15 minutes, we reached the colorful entrance to the park.

Jurong Signboard

Jurong Bird Park is a 20 hectare open-concept park, open from 9am to 6pm daily. Scrolling around the park would take you more than two hours. It’s a good idea to come as early as possible before it becomes to hot & humid (http://www.birdpark.com.sg/attractions/parkmap.html).

We had some incredible fresh fruit juice at the Boon Lay MRT station, on the way back. Mango & Grape juice resembling what is sold as slush in India (SD$1), very refreshing.

Out next stop was lunch at Plaza Singapura, on Orchard road, next to Dhobi Ghaut MRT. After which we just went around to all the major MRT stations on the NE line and since we had the Singapore Tourist Pass we could just pop in and out of the MRT to see the various places. Very useful! if you – like us want to see the ‘other side’.

Most Itineraries list out these ‘Things to see in Singapore’

  • Civil War Memorial dedicated to the civilians who lost their lives in the Second World War.
  • Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles the founder of modern Singapore
  • China Town for interesting little curio shops, Chinese herbs, mahjong sets & jade. The little red lamps all over the street add to the mystique.
  • Little India is the most crowded & smelly area of Singapore. Mustafa the 24/7 market is its pride & joy. In case you are missing Indian food (!!) you’ll get butter chicken & naan here for sure.
  • National Library Singapore
  • Zoo & Night Safari
  • Botanical Garden & City Hall
  • Marina Bay is the last stop of the MRT North Line (it is undergoing massive renovation – avoid)

There are other places & malls which are highly recommended by others BUT my suggestion – just chill out at Boat Quay or Clarke Quay. For the evening we decided to do  just that. With one hitch -while getting out of the MRT under the StanC building we got lost.

Tip: It’s important to read the signs to which side one wants to get out from. It’s obvious, I know, but still! The walk from the one level below to out of the MRT is about 500 meters and you don’t wanna get disoriented. Although for us some good did come out of this. By serendipity we found Satay Club @ Boon Tat Street & Lau Pa Sat crossing. The aroma of the BBQ satay’s was irresistible and we dived into our mutton, chicken & prawn’s satay.


Anyway, talking about Boat Quay and Clarke Quay – the view was awesome (and on our daytime visit too we were not disappointed). We sat on the steps next to river & enjoyed the view of Raffels Hotel, Esplanade building, the lit up bridge, boats & the river. We had some wonderful Hoegaarden at a refurbished inn. A great way to end the day don’t you think ?

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