Your shopping Guide to Delhi

ConfessionI’m an obsessed Delhiite and I’ll love Delhi no matter how crazy it becomes.

Although, this was not always the case; there was a time when I thought Delhi sucked.

This was way back when I found traveling in Delhi inconvenient and the pollution levels unbearable. Things have changed for the better, with the metro and the CNG autos and buses. Traveling has become easy and pollution comparatively less. Agreed, the traffic jams and road rage is still a problem, but I can handle Delhi hormones 🙂

I’m planning do a 4-5 part series on Delhi for the benefit of some of you planning to visit Delhi for the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 or otherwise. For the people who are know-it-all and disagree on my-take-on-Delhi I have only one thing to say : “You may not agree with me but the difference between you & me is that – I wrote this & you are reading it !!”

So, let me get back to the topic of discussion …Shopping! Delhi is a shopper’s paradise; one can find stuff in every budget and every style.

connaught place map

Let me start with the heart of Delhi – Connaught place aka. CP. The area is built on a series of roads which run in concentric circles – much like a wheel. In the center of the wheel (hub) there is a huge underground bazaar called the Palika Bazaar, selling all kinds of things. Above this is our very own Central Park.

Connaught Place

CP is a kaleidoscope of Restaurants, Banks, Movie halls, Branded Shops, Roadside shops and Offices. I have spent hours just window shopping there.

Spend some time in the State Emporiums (opposite Hanuman Mandir) for the traditional handicrafts of each state – The Rajasthan and Jammu-Kashmir emporeums have really amazing stuff, and the prices are also reasonable. Central Cottage Industries Emporium on Janpath has things from anywhere-n-everywhere in India; it is exclusive and hence expensive.

Visit Khadi Bhandaar. I always pick some handmade soap and khadi kurtas – excellent stuff for gifts. Other interesting thing includes the Chuddi (bangles) Market behind Hanuman Mandir – a treasure trove for bangles in colors to match every outfit and the wholesale market for flowers in front of the Coffee House (from 5-8 am).

cottage emporium

Bargain hunters must visit Janpath & Tibetan Market for silk scarves, bags and clothes. House of Scarves on Janpath gets my vote for the best variety. Another cool store is People Tree near the Rivoli movie theater for unusual stuff (I admit – some of it is overpriced).


The Inner & Outer circles have there share of big-branded-shops. During the ‘SALE’ season, crowds can make it difficult to walk. Whenever we go to CP, a stop at Wengers (A block) is a must, the chicken puff is-to-die-for among other delectable delights & the cold-coffee at Kavenders or DePaul can’t be missed.

Panchkuian Marg is best for furniture & cane stuff, we bought our dog’s basket from there 😉

In the summer days enjoy the cool underground market & test your bargaining skills. At Palika Bazar you’ll find all types of electronics, clothes, leather goods, and jewelry… even the Nintendo Wii which may not be available in the rest of the world will be in stock here.

Shankar Market is famous for Indian dress material. Fresh Juice Shops & Rajma-Chawal corner shop were my office lunch time hang outs in this area. Gol Market & Bengali Market near CP, are better known for the food than shopping.

A short ride away is Daryaganj. It’s the most extensive second hand book pavement market. Book lovers and students come from all over to purchase books at throw away prices every Sunday. Some day I hope to find hidden treasures among the heap of books.


I can go on and on but am gonna leave some stuff for the next post ! Keep Reading.

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  1. I completely agree, Delhi has become cleaner and easier. Love it. Delhi is one of the best cities in the world. Will look forward to your entire series.

    I’ll be doing a (master)piece on Delhi too, watch out 🙂

  2. man .. what is with you delhi waalahs 😉 All waiting to read about your own city … hehe

    And yes, Joshi we’ll cover Delhi haat also.

  3. I agree Delhi is a shopholics paradise …. something for everyone. It’s nice to go down the memory lane and great to refresh the memory. Looking forward to the whole series.

  4. yep, delhi’s a shopper’s paradise. and it’s got amazing food!

    so you’ll have a lovely time there, that is, if you can manage to not get robbed/molested/kidnapped during your stay 😀

  5. @ Shekhar: Waiting for your point of view…
    @ Nitin: ya delhi hart, sarojni, and maybe even gopinath bazar 🙂
    @ Anjali: where have you been?!? My shopping partner…
    @ Sonal: next time we’ll go shopping together with namit & sharninder as body guards (and personal ATM)
    @ Abhilash: games ho ya na … shopping to perfect hai!
    @ Sharninder: We love our Dilli 🙂

  6. @ Abhilash –
    The reason that the Delhites are not responding is because… We THE DELHITES do no care what the Non- Delhites think about Delhi…
    What would you know anyway… the fact that you live in Mumbai & say Pune Rocks is amusing enough…
    Care to add something – Shekhar / Nitin/ Anajali/ Ritika … & Kits 🙂

  7. Now that is more like it… Messing with the Delhites minds!

    @Kunzu: See… it works!
    @Everyone Else: Please stop having heart attacks everytime someone says Delhi Sucks!

    Why do we write @ anyway?

  8. this sucks, that rocks.. what kind of language is that? Who speaks like that? People from Pune? Calcutta?

    Guys, get sophisticated, move to delhi… ouch!

    Abhilash – besides the fact that you suck (LOL, LOL, LOL), we know that you love delhi. so behave.

    Anjali – is that you? Kidding me. Where have you been?

    Ritika – Happy Birthday!

    Nitin – CP on sunday @ 3:30 ?

    Sherry – Chandi and Dilli , bhai bhai. Come back.

    PS – Please add @ in front of your names. LOL!

  9. game on suday..but what about the long weekend? tell me if you are game for the mountains..aah another thing about delhi..a long weekened and go to uttaranchal himachal, cant think you can say that about

    oh i remember shakes telling me about how abhilash loved delhi roads..the piddley ones that we consider not so good in again..

  10. Nitin… I dunno man. Delhi has the weekend getaway hills but mumbai has the weekend getaway beaches and farms. And yes I still like Delhi roads. and they are not piddly and you know that you are lucky to have them 🙂

    All… All places rock if you know where to go and what to do and what to eat and where to shop and where to dance and where to drink and what to avoid and who to be with and…

    You guys don’t have Gravatars. Please go get some so that blogs look better!

  11. “this sucks, that rocks.. what kind of language is that? Who speaks like that? People from Pune? Calcutta?

    Guys, get sophisticated, move to delhi… ouch!”

    LOL .. that hurt Shekhar 🙂

  12. @Nitin: dude, i don’t have any long weekend at Hewitt. But lets meet on Sunday and we can discuss it there.

    @Abhilash: We are not lucky, just civilized. And I got my gravatar….yay!

    @Kunz: When is the part 2 coming?

  13. OK I live in US but Delhi is a shoppers paradise, Food will make you fat in 30 seconds, but ladies prepare to get molested by every man you pass.
    I will be carrying my big safety pins with me this time.

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