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Dev D

Dev D is the latest incarnation of the epic Devdas by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. The idea of the movie might be from the book but the implementation is anything but.

My first thought on Dev D – What a weird name for a movie ! What an eccentric song (emotional attyachaar) ! What a bizarre promo ! And finally what a strange but totally entertaining movie !

Dev (Abhay Deol) is the son of a rich industrialist from Punjab who is packed off to London for higher studies. Paro (Mahi) is the daughter of a manager in Dev’s father’s factory and is a good friend of Dev. The movie begins with a quick characterization of the hot and fiery Paro and the spoilt brat that Dev is.

The conversations between Dev and Paro and Dev and his dad, who he liked to call by his name ( Sattu) are absolutely hilarious.

A refreshing change from the rest of the bollywood adaptations of the novel, Dev D narrates the same story in REAL situations. The screenplay is smooth, no lecture bazzi happening and no long-drunk-falling apart-dialogues.

Anurag Kashyap takes the basic structure of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s original story, but updates it to today’s time and issues, making the characters’ actions and motivations something that a lot of the viewers can relate to.

I loved the fact that names of the characters just fall into place, amazingly imaginative. The minute ‘Chunni’ introduces himself, one can’t help but smile. Wearing his goggles to see who is calling when the phone rings was an LOL moment for sure.

The songs felt like, what-the-hell-is-happening, but in a couple of seconds you are drawn into it and you come out of the hall humming ‘em. Contradictions-Confusion-Craziness all-in-all interesting.

Times of India gave the movie 5 stars, saying that Dev D is indeed a coming-of-age film. I agree.

Unlike the last couple of movies I’ve seen recently, this one keeps the viewer engaged. It doesn’t bore you with song and dance routines, or thinks that the audience is dumb or assumes that logical reasoning is outside the scope of the viewers mental ability. CC2C, Gajni & RNBDJ may have been blockbusters, but this one deserves the awards.

Shekhar @ Stalefresh says it was a bold & well thought of movie; most my friends are of the same opinion. But I’m sure this is the opinion of a certain segment of people. If this was a report I was working on I’d say – ‘Teens & Young Adults, living in urban areas, adventurous and outgoing are the key segments’. Some movies are not made to please everyone, but to shock a few.

My verdict – Thums up  (With vodka please 😉

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  1. I am in agreement Kunzu 🙂 I loved the film in terms of cinematography. Story was decent and acting was bloody brilliant 🙂 During Emotional Atyachaar, we went Woohooo when the words were sung for the first time 🙂

  2. Well even as all the above may be correct (to an extent)… I just thought I’d add a couple of thoughts.

    1. The cinematography is great, the visuals draw you in and its great to watch, esp. the scenes where he has depicted Dev in a trancy/zoned out state. Though here i must add, this is very similar to another movie called ‘Requiem for a Dream’ which is about a druggie, and what he feels once he is in that state.

    2. I personally did not like the three men, who were used either as figments of Dev’s imagination or Anurag Kashyap’s that they had to sing, dance and stand at odd corners whenever Dev crossed. Seemed as if they were shoved into the movie.

    3. Lastly, while i enjoyed the screenplay, i think the songs were a bit overdone, too many, sometimes it could have just been sound which would have helped and not the background score interrupting every emotion verbally.

    All in all, Thumbs up With Vodka to Abhay Deol, the man has Talent!!

  3. @ ritika & kits… I’ll not debate on the cinematography or acting, but the two things i’m liking about movies now-a-days is that –

    a) they are based in Delhi
    b) the product placement

    Smirnoff did a good job here, like apple in Dostna. I’m guessing Motorola has something to do in Delhi 6!!

    Any movies you guys can think of with good Pdt-Placement??

  4. Kunz – I’m glad you saw it the way i did 🙂

    Ritika – Funny that you mention Requiem for a Dream. I love that movie and in fact it came to my mind a bit while watching Dev D.

  5. this movie was a total crap. i did not have enough strenth to watch the whole movie. i should give u guys awards for watching the whole movie.

    1. Sameer, I’d really like to hear your point of view. The movie was different in my opinion but I also think it was one of the better ones in the last few months.

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