80% of US businesses run Macs

According to a yankee group report, 80% of US businesses run Macs. While the number itself is staggering what is even more interesting is that this percentage is almost double the 47% of mac running businesses from just two years ago. Not surprisingly, a good 28% of these businesses still use virtualisation to run Windows on these macs.

While I’m not the right person to comment on this data, I’m not particularly surprised. Macs have been gaining market share with the general public since the last few years and its good to seeĀ  that businesses have started looking at the viability of putting macs in the hands of their employees. I’m sure the above number includes mom and pop stores who use a mac to do their billing and not much else, so the percentage of macs in big enterprises will still be low but even this represents a big change.

When Apple announced the moving of their entire line of computers to Intel based chips instead of the PPC architecture, who would have thought the implications of the move. A lot of people from the mainstream press and the apple zealots were unhappy with the move and for some reason or the other decided that Intel chips just won’t cut it for apple.

I, on the other hand, think that the move to Intel has been the biggest contributor for this new found love for Macs among the PC community. With an Intel powered mac, the consumer has a good looking machine which allows him/her to run windows, play games and use Mac OS X, even at the same time with virtualisation software from one of the major vendors.

The move to Intel in itself was a trigger for an even bigger revolution, Virtualisation. While virtualisation has existed on the Mac platform for some years in the form of products like the Microsoft’s virtual PC, the market was a very niche one and anyone who has tried using Virtual PC to run windows on a PPC mac, would testify that it isn’t the best of experiences.

With an Intel chip, however, things changed and virtualisation just became a lot easier … and faster and consumers actually started appreciating the value of the technology. That in my opinion has been the real trigger of this mass exodus of PC users towards the mac platforms. The power to be able to run their applications and do the things that they’ve been doing for ages on a newer better and more powerful platform.

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  1. @Ajay: Sorry to break your heart but this is not true at all. In fact, In my 7 years of working, I’ve never worked for a pure windows company. You really need to broaden your horizons a bit and look beyond windows a bit. I have nothing against Windows, but am just more comfortable with other OS’s and appreciate the fact that they make me more productive that I would be if I were using Windows.

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