Chandni Chowk – Koramangala, Bangalore

The first time I walked past the place, I though it was a shady joint for alcoholics and gangsters. Then one day I read a review of the place in a newspaper and decided to check out the place myself. Well, the place still looked shady from the outside and when I entered through the steel door, yes the kind you see at under contstruction buildings in India, the scene wasn’t very different.

The place looks like a dance bar except that there is no dance floor and it is quite a task trying to find a place to sit in the dim lighting. And even when you do find one, you’d be hard pressed to find a comfortable seat. I’m a 6ft tall guy and found the seats a little too low to my liking and they’re not really seats. They have actual stone slabs for seats with cushions which were as worn out as the place itself. Probably the management thought that no one would see through the details in the dim lighting.

After seeing all this I’d have left the place had it not been for the fact that it was quite late in the afternoon, I was hungry and the after all the reviews did say that the food was nice. So, I decided to take my chances.

My wife and I played safe and ordered our staple daal makhani, kadai chicken and naans. Well, while the food didn’t suck as much as the place, it was definitely nothing to write home about. The naans were a little cold and the chicken had a bit too much oil and wasn’t cooked with the right masalas. For a place which touts itself as a north Indian food place, the food had nothing north indian about it, except for the prices which were a little north of what I’d expected.

My verdict: You can go there if you want to experiment a bit, but I’m not going again. Thank you.

Update: I went to Chandni Chowk once more since I wrote the original review and I’m glad I did, cause it proved that my first impressions about the place were right. The place totally sucks and I don’t think I’ll be able to figure out in this lifetime why Bangaloreans like the place so much !

The food this time was cooked in atleast three times the recommended salt levels and the service was pathetic.

Btw, in case you’re wondering, I went there this time because we were in a group and there was no other place open at that time which was close enough. I guess this is why most people end up at Chandni Chowk anyway.

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  1. @Saad, Totally agree with you. Infact, I’m actually ashamed that I went to this place a second time !

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