Chung Wah – Koramangala, Bangalore

This one is a part of a chain of chung-wah’s in the garden city. Quite a few people still swear by the original one on Residency Road but since I wasn’t in the mood all the way to residency road, I decided to check out the one in Koramangala instead. There are two chung wah’s in Koramangala and I went to the swankier looking one ;)

Since this is navratra time and wife is only eating veg these days, we ordered veg. I know veg food is not the best to judge a chinese restaurant by, but it’ll have to do this time.

I ordered a beer which wasn’t cold enough, a starter which was essentially a fried version of tinted sweet corn made to resemble dimsums of some kind, in short … not happening.

Coming to the main course, we ordered Dan Mein noodles which they call their speciality. It was ok, nothing great but spciy, which I liked. We also ordered a dish with gravy made of some kind of glass noodles and lots of vegetables.

There was nothing wrong with the food, but it wasn’t great. It was actually quite passable and *normal* as my wife commented. We paid around 450 bucks for the food and I’m not sure I’ll be visiting them again. On second thoughts, I might, if I’m interested in some *normal* Indian chinese food.

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