Punjabi Dhaba – Ulsoor, Bangalore

Yes, that is the name of the place. “Punjabi Dhaba” is a no frills place which was recommended by a lot of people and I decided to check it out myself this weekend. The place is a bit tough to find since it looks like a tea stall more than a famous dhaba.

While coming from MG road towards the Ulsoor gurudwara, DO NOT take the road which goes towards the Old Madras Road and instead take the small road which goes down from the gurudwara. Right next to the gurudwara is this innocuous looking place and if you’re lucky you’ll even see the sardar owner with his big fat paunch sitting over the cash counter. But trust me, when I mean small, the place is really small. There are four tables seating four people each and a seperate cooking area where the only person than can fit is the owner himself :-)

Well, coming to the food, we ordered a methi chicken, dal makhani and bhindi masala. The bhindi was fine but the chicken, which smelt really good btw, wasn’t up to the mark. The meat could have been cooked a little more but then since this is a dhaba I’m willing to overlook that. But the dal makhani ! That is one thing I EXPECT all dhabas to make well ! Period. This ones dal was quite bland and it looked to me that he had forgotten to put the magical fried onions that all dhabas do. Other than that, for the money I paid (Rs 170), I couldn’t really complain. The quanity was enough and I had the leftover the next day too :-)

It looks like the place doens’t have a tandoor though since the parathas that we ordered were made on a normal tawa and weren’t the tandoori paranthas I was expecting.

My verdict: I’ll go there again, If I’ll really hungry and am in the vicinity but I’ll probably stick to the chicken curry and dal makhani and not experiment with the other types of chicken that they serve.

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  1. i’m surprised that you’d still want to go there. I have NO respect for a dhaaba that cant make excellent daal makhani.

    Oh and mumbai fares no better. daal makhani here means any daal… even yellow!! and ofcourse they must think that makhani has something to do with flies cuz I don’t see no butter in mine ever!

  2. Dude that dhaba is the last resort of North Indian vegetarians living in Bangalore and it praised still by people living in Delhi who refused to switch to south indian food during their bangalore stay.

    It’s called Bobby Ka Dhaba I think…

    Personally, I’m open to switching to local cuisine and loved my stay in Bangalore, feasting on Siddiqui Chicken, Empire hotel, Fanoos, and all the Sagars.

  3. Ah well, should have taken advice from some more people before landing up at the dhaba.

    I’m open to switching to local cuisine too and in fact am a big fan of South Indian cuisine, as long as its something other than the usual fare of Dosas and Idlis. I absolutely love Coorgi and Mangalorean Cuisine. Also Kerala’s yummy beef curries.

    But, Empire Hotel ??? Seriously Dude, if that is the best Bangalore has to offer, I’m …. I’m … I don’t even have words to describe the feeling !


  5. hello friends iam also from the north and hunting for new places always for gud homely fudd for the past 3yrs i was eatin at this pale calld bobby da dhaba as i had no option this is the only palce which makes only atta parathas so but one day i tried his joint called garma naram next to akka bobbys the place was clean not smokey as bobbies simple palce and cheaper then bobby da adhaba was amazd people stand for hours together outside bobbies palce and this place relatively free and the service is fster and the bestthing it has non veg people and i have started lovin the plac it has lots of combos and sumthing cald pakistani murgi simple red chickien currie really nice hope so u guys would want to chk this palce

  6. There are two dhabas there adjacent to each other. At Bobby da dhaba they only serve veg food. The food is reasonably good and reasonably priced. It is one of the very few genuine punjabhi dabhas that I am aware of in Bangalore. The place is bit hard to locate and not very apparent. At night time (peak hours) the place tends to get crowded, might take some time (30 mins) before you get served (you might have to stand outside for a while).

    Worth visiting!

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