Quick and Cheap North Indian Lunch

Tasty doesn’t mean Expensive

One of my favourite things to have for lunch is Chole-Kulchey and if you haven’t stayed in Delhi/Amritsar, in all likelihood, you haven’t tasted the real thing. Sweet…chilly…tangy… utterly delicious food. Do not ever do the mistake of eating this dish anywhere except the North. South/West/East Indians just can’t make it the way its supposed to be.

In the inner circle of Cannaught Place one can see vendors with hand pulled carts with Shiny Big brass vessels filled with the cholley (channa/matter) & a small burner heating the kulchey AND if one misses that the smell of the mouth-watering channa will anyway guide you to the right place.

It takes less than 5 min for the guy to mix the chickpea with spices, lemon, chopped tomatoes, onions & chillies and serve it on a leaf plate … all for Rs. 10/- (in budget and for the cal conscious LOW CAL).

The hot spots other than CP for this delectable dish are Chandini Chowk, Shankar Market, Green Park (basically everywhere) , although my absolute favorite is Nathu’s at Defence Colony (Def Col. for the uninitiated).

So if you are lucky enough to be in DefCol right now …Go to Nathu’s and have the meal of your lifetime.

PS: This post has been written after an utterly disgusting and tasteless food at the company cafeteria.

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  1. Another awesome cheap lunch is Rajma/Kadhi Chawal @ shankar Market corner… must try atleast once!!

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