Mystic in Bali – GK, New Delhi


Having seen tons of banners and being a hard core Chinese food fan, I decided to check out this place with my two friends. Considering its a second restaurant from those who run “Big Chill” (one of the best Italian joints in Delhi), this place already has a great reputation to back it up, but will it live up to its Italian brothers? Thats what i went to find out?

The decor as such is more Bhutanese than Chinese. Since I have been to Bhutan, i recognized a lot of the decor in terms of the masks, symbols and artwork has been inspired from there. One thing i felt which was lacking in the decor was that, they went a little overboard with it. A wall with just one central hanging with a bright background would have been great, but they decided to stuff it up with masks and other stuff, making the decor a bit stuffy.

Coming to the food, (the real purpose of this review) which was to my liking. The portions were good and the prices were those which you see in Big Chill, ranging from Rs.100-400. What we ordered were the King Prawns with noodles (a combo) and Sesame seed noodles with chicken and prawns. Both to my delight were quite good and had distinct flavours, not like the Indian Chinese, which tends to me more on the Indian side than the Chinese.

Overall, i think this restaurant is worth going to, if you do want to try out new and improved Chinese.

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  1. The review seems to be written with the assumption that ‘Mystic in Bali’ is a chinese restaurant. It’s NOT.

    Bali is in Indonesia, and the decor is a take on an indonesian – vietnamese kind of look, which is why you felt it was similar to bhutanese. So, it’s not a case of a chinese restaurant that has incompetently put up non-chinese decor.

    But the food is good, like you said.

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