Internet Goals for 2009

This post is a part of Daniel’s Internet Goals group writing project. My Internet goals for 2009 are:

1. Launch a new blog dedicated to tech tips and trick. I have the domain up and will start posting soon.

2. Reach atleast 200 subscribers for the tech blog.

3. Contribute more guest posts and build up readership on the tech blog.

4. Reach a 1000 daily visitors.

5. Increase online income. I don’t have a number in mind, but I’d definitely be writing more this year and have my fingers crossed ­čÖé

That’s all for me, I think. You might have noticed that all my goals for 2009 are for this new blog that I haven’t even launched yet. I’d have given the URL to you guys but I just don’t think the site is ready for the public yet so that’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to this blog via RSS or email or follow me on twitter and I’ll make sure you guys are the first ones to know about my new blog.

Flash files can now be indexed by Search Engines

Adobe has today released technology to help search engines index flash files. This is HUGE news for those developing websites using Flash/Flex.

“Adobe is providing optimized Adobe┬« Flash┬« Player technology to Google and Yahoo! to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF) and uncover information that is currently undiscoverable by search engines. This will provide more relevant automatic search rankings of the millions of RIAs and other dynamic content that run in Adobe Flash Player.”

Marketeers using Flash (most Ad agencies, ironically) can now finally breathe easy and be assured that the fancy content that they create, can actually be found by the general public, and not only those who came via an offline/online marketing campaign.

Ofcourse, this would also be beneficial to the multitude of video related sites using Flash such as youtube.

I’m just surprised it took Adobe so long to do this !