Thank you for visiting NomadicRider.com, make yourself at home. NomadicRider is a weblog focussing on Travel, Technology and Life.

Who am I, you ask ?

I’m Sharninder, your host.

Born in 1980 in India, the last 28 years have been wonderful and eventful. My father’s career in defense forces and his frequent postings across the country, instilled in me a great love for traveling, meeting new people and thirst for learning something new from each experience. I’m married to the love of my life, who gives her inputs from time to time (and if you are married, you’ll understand how difficult it is to say NO). We love to travel together and enjoy debating on random topics. When I’m not drinking good beer or riding my bike, I watch movies and fiddle around with Linux.

As for the blogging part, I blog about anything that I personally find interesting. Which is a nice way of saying that I will blogging about my travels, Technology and my Life.

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I hope you enjoy reading Nomadicrider, as much as I enjoyed writing it. My aim is to form a community of like minded individuals who share the passion for travel and technology. Thanks again for stopping by.