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Microsoft SkyDrive now at 25GB

It seems like Microsoft is quite serious about making their Live SkyDrive a serious contender in the online storage business. They launched the service about an year back with 500MB of space, hardly enough for … well anything … increasing it to 5GB in February and surprised everyone last week by announcing that SkyDrive will […]

Friday Linkfest

Been a while since the Linkfest … well, I’ve been travelling and have been kinda busy. Here is the collection of links from what I’ve been reading this week. Business Rober Scoble has been travelling in China this week and he’s amazed by the speed of development in there and the way business is […]

Convert youtube videos online for free

I have a confession to make. I LOVE youtube. So ? Whats so great about it, you ask ? Everyone loves youtube. Well, yes and no. Everyone likes to spend time on youtube, watch a dozen videos everyday and then move on. I, on the other hand, actually like some of those videos enough that […]

Will Open Source survive the economic crisis

Will it ? Conventional logic would say, Yes ! I mean, Open Source is free, right ? Everyone should infact be only using Open Source in an economic crisis. Well, Andrew Keen doesn’t think so and he’s on Slashdot right now for thinking the way he does. Now, Andrew is entitled his opinion and all […]

Hyper-V vs. ESXi – Response to techtarget’s article

So, I was reading this article which talks about the advantages of MS Hyper-V over VMware ESXi and I’m amazed at the FUD that Microsoft has been spreading. I don’t usually write about virtualization over at this blog, but this I just have to clear. It is quite clear from the article that the author, […]

Back From Vacation

This is a quick note to let all visitors know that I’m back from my vacation in Goa and just haven’t been able to update this blog since then. Work as usual has been taking most of my time but I intend to get back to updating this blog regularly as soon as I can […]

Off to Goa for the weekend

The long weekend that is. Tomorrow and Friday is a holiday in most places in India on account of the Festival of Dasara. Am off to the coastal state of Goa. Yummy seafood and cold beer is what awaits me. I will not be posting at all while I’m gone. Expect an update with lots […]

Friday Linkfest #3

Welcome to the Third edition of the Friday Linkfest. Read on for the best of the web :-) Travel World’s top 10 trekking destinations The adventures of Wan Must read for anyone who likes to ride on two wheels. Roopkund Trek Flickr stream of a friend who just came back after completing the Roopkund trek. […]

The Politics of Indian Politics

One of the good things about being a blogger is that I can always pen down(keyboard down ?)┬ámy thoughts whenever I want to. I can write about a subject and give my opinion on it. Hell, I think even having an opinion is one of the greatest benefits of blogging. Those who know me, know […]

Unix 101: File Attributes

So, we now know our way around the Unix filesystem now and we know how to read, move or delete files. We also know how to ask for help if we’re stuck. This post in the Unix 101 series will teach you about file permissions. We’ve been talking about Unix being a multi-user, multiprocessing system, […]