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Unix 101: Manipulating files – Copying, moving, deleting

This post is the next in a series of posts we’re doing on Unix. The aim of the series is to get our readers familiar with the basics of working on a Unix or a Linux system. Uptil now we’ve learned a bit about how the Unix system works and how to navigate around the […]

Amazon Video on Demand Launched

Amazon’s Video on Demand service has finally moved out of beta and is available for public consumption. Amazon is offering a few free episodes of 30 Rock and Heroes for your viewing pleasure. With Video on Demand Amazon is now an even closer to becoming the center of home entertainment. They already have music, movies […]

What happened with Windows Vista

Ofcourse, everyone’s heard about the debacle that Windows Vista has been. Enough has been written about the disaster that Windows Vista has been. So much so that it has almost become fashionable for bloggers all over the Internet to trash Vista left right and center. And some of these people don’t even use Windows Vista. […]

Microsoft Patents Page Up/Page Down functionality.

Microsoft had applied for and has received a patent (U.S. Patent #7,415,666) that essentially patents “Page Up/Page Down” functionality in any application. tempts with 50GB of free Online Storage

ADrive is yet another startup offering it’s users 50GB of free online “Cloud” Based storage.

Has Ubuntu lost it’s relevance – Why does it suck so much !

Ubuntu has long been the darling of the media, or at least the small number of people who actually cover Linux and related technologies. And I haven’t read anything but good things about it … until recently. Has Ubuntu lost it’s charm as the “Linux for human beings” ? Are there other contenders for the human linux title now ?

A small but growing number of users are being vocal about the fact that even after more than 5 years in the market, Ubuntu has still not been able to fulfill their promise of a Linux system which normal human beings can use.

Shelfari has been acquired by Amazon

Today’s big news of the day is that Shelfari, the social network for book addicts, has been acquired by Amazon.

Digg vs. Stumbleupon and which one do I prefer

which one do you prefer ?

5 Firefox Extensions I can’t live without

Firefox supports extensions to the base browser which extend the functionality of the browser many times.

iterasi helps you archive the web

iterasi is an interesting service. It is something of a cross between and the Internet wayback machine. iterasi lets the user bookmark a web page but instead of saving just the web page’s address, it saves the whole page. The advantage that iterasi brings for its users is that even if the original website […]